2022 – 2023 – Registration Package

RMS Brochure 2022-2023

At Royal Montessori School we seek to find a good fit between the children that we accept and the program that we offer.

The admission process serves candidates and their families by developing in them the confidence that Royal Montessori School is an exciting community in which to learn, and that the child’s learning needs will be best served by our program.

Royal Montessori School admits students regardless of race, citizenship or creed. We invite all prospective students and families to visit our campus prior to the start of the admission process.

We will familiarize you with our facilities, day-to-day procedures, and answer all of your questions as well as give you an overview of the curriculum.

We welcome questions and would be pleased to arrange a meeting with a teacher, at the appropriate grade level, should it be required.

Following your visit, we will provide you with all relevant registration information and general information about our school.

The registration procedure requires:

    1. A pre-enrolment interview with you and your child
    2. Completion of Enrolment Forms
    3. Current Immunization Record.
    4. A recent photograph of your child.
    5. A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport and/or citizenship/visa documents.
    6. Disclosure of any medical conditions, which may arise during the course of the school day, including allergies and medications currently being taken.
    7. A copy of your child’s two (2) most recent Report Cards.
    8. Release to obtain your child’s Ontario Student Record (OSR).
    9. The chosen method of payment and all installments – registration and tuition fees and fees for extended hours of care, if applicable.

If no spaces are available at the school, the child’s name may be placed on a waiting list after submitting a completed enrollment form and having an interview with the administrator.

No guarantees are made for desired placement, which is dependent upon available space.