Extra Curricular Program

Extra Curricular Program

Key Board Program

Haying Ma, our Key Board teacher engages each child in Key Board twice a week, an hour for each lesson. . Music will play a very  important role in the children’s lives.

Through learning how to play the Key Board,  children are exposed to music at an early age, and thus given the opportunity of enjoying and accepting music as an integral part of their lives.
Music education for young children:

  • enhances their emotional and intellectual growth
  • brings a sense of accomplishment
  • builds self-confidence
  • helps to focus concentration
  • enhances the communication and math skills
  • Developing of a musical ear and musical literacy
  • break down barriers of race, culture and language

Art Program

The art program complements the Montessori philosophy encouraging children to express themselves through various materials. Art theory and technique is introduced to the students through means of exploration and discovery, building a foundation for artistic expression and aesthetic awareness.
To inspire students with the confidence to draw whatever they wish using basic techniques and principles that are taught in a child-friendly and fun manner.
Some themes:

  • Draw and color  with various medium classical and experimental ways.
  • Warm color, cold color
  • Complementary color,  monochrome color
  • Folding paper with paints imagining unexpected result
  • Collage, draw and paint with various material
  • Play with paint on the paper with interesting tools, for example rubber spatula, card board etc.
  • Cooperatively draw and paint on the one large prepared ground
  • Cartoon
  • Still life drawing and painting
  • Using our camera eyes to draw what we see
  • Using our imagination to draw fantasy worlds

Structure: Classes are 45 minutes in length and are taught once a week. Children will have both group and individual instruction, depending on size of class.

Hip-Hop Dance Program
This program is designed  for students ages 4 to 6 years old. It is  fun, energetic, funky and exciting. Students will explore locomotive movements, expressive body actions, stylized movements, time/rhythm and energy through movements which are built into original dance routines. This program has original routines, the latest moves, coolest music and qualified dance instructor.

Martial Arts(Taekwondo)
Martial Arts For Kids are providing the program at School. The program is designed to benefit children :

  • Improved physical fitness, health and motor skills
  • Increased self esteem and confidence with peers
  • Knowledge of anti-bullying tactics and other self defense techniques
  • Fun activity
  • Improved self control and ability to deal with stress and emotions

Classes are taught once per week and last 30-45 minutes. The program runs throughout the school year.