I had the best teacher and friends at Royal Montessori School. My favorite activities were themed projects, outside play, and learning about nature and the continents. I still love math. I used to help my younger friends learn to do things, and now I show my baby sister instead. I will always remember Montessori.

Arlo Welch, Grade 2

My life as a Montessori student has been nothing but growth and gratitude. The methods taught me to be focused and to accept the learning process. In the Montessori school environment, I felt the love and support from all staff.
For all that you have done and continue to do, Thank you.

Sunanda N. Belle, Garde 5

Hi, my name is Danny Dimitrov, and I was a graduate from royal Montessori school in 2013. My favorite times during my experience at Royal Montessori was the comradery and the joyous memories I created with my friends. I also enjoy participating in different extra-curriculum activities such as; piano, karate and monkey nastics. The more activities I got myself involved in, the more social skill I developed throughout the years. Therefore, I think Royal Montessori School taught me to be open-minded to every possibility that was handed to me. Royal Montessori became a second home to me, I always looked forward to coming to school with a positive attitude, excited to see my friends and teachers. I felt safe and comfortable around everyone there. I even came back after so many years to complete my community hours, helping around the classrooms, cleaning and organizing. This shows how strong of a bond I have with Royal Montessori and to always be humble.

Daniel Dimitrov, Grade 10

Royal Montessori School has positivity impacted my academic life, especially all my work ethic. I find that I’m able to stick to a given task until it is completed much easier than my classmates. Additionally, the focused but fun tactile activities that I did in RMS enhanced my learning experience. By the time I’d graduated, I had already learned how to multiply and divide, as well as basic French words and phrases.
RMS is a wonderful place for children to learn!

Patricia Li, Graduate of 2012

Montessori education has helped me to be independent, and to understand the world around me. The methods allowed my curiosity, y efforts, and pace in tackling new challenges, but also, to be proud of the process of those efforts. Nothing feels better than knowing that I’ve accomplished my goals. It feels even better when I look back on my journey… Royal Montessori Private School has been apart of that journey. And it is no one else’s journey, but mine!

Sitaya N. Belle, Grade 7