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The Toddler program, for children 18 29 months, takes advantage of the toddler's natural drive to act independently. Learning to care for themselves washing hands, putting on jackets and do it themselves is an important part of the toddlers' work. In this language-rich environment, teachers support and guide toddlers as they explore order and disorder, and refine their emerging motor skills. Outdoor play is part of the daily routine.

Toddler exercises and activities recognize that children learn by doing. Classroom materials are always accessible, attractive, safe, and geared for a child's success. Activities are changed regularly in response to children's need for variety and challenge as they grow and learn. The safe, loving, gentle atmosphere puts children and parents at ease and makes for a trusting, spontaneous transition to school. Toddlers come to school five days a week, and may choose to stay for just mornings or a full day. After their Toddler year, children join our Junior CASA program.


The child will learn:

  • Gradual separation from the primary caregiver.
  • Care of self (increased independence, including toilet training).
  • Care of the Environment.
  • Development of hand-eye coordination.
  • Development of vocabulary, language skills.
  • Development of gross motor skills.
  • Development of Grace and Courtesy.
  • Development of independent work habits, including making independent work choices.


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